Pascal’s travelling guide

This is Pascal’s travelling guide.

I’ve been to various location in my vacation. mostly in the vacation i went to Bouldering Indoor Halls. So everytime i created a litle PDF of the location and where to find it or the way to it.

So here are the following PDF’s:

Bouldering at Amsterdam

Bouldering at Bangkok

Bouldering at Hamburg

Bouldering at Hong Kong

Bouldering at Hungary

Bouldering at Kuala Lumpur

Bouldering at London

Bouldering at Mallorca

Bouldering at New York

Bouldering at Praque

Bouldering at Singapore

Bouldering at Las Vegas

Bouldering at Stockholm

Bouldering at Tokyo

Bouldering at Dubai


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      I’m on it. but if you have some interesting informations, send me an email and i will post it for you.


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